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Lucia's Personal Styling - Personal Styling Services - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

Wardrobe Consultation

Lucia's Personal Styling - Personal Styling Services - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

Customised Personal Shopping

Lucia's Personal Styling - Personal Styling Services - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

Personal Colour Analysis

Lucia is passionate about teaching women to understand their unique colouring and body shape, shop with greater confidence, and create a practical, comfortable and stylish wardrobe that authentically reflects who they are. Regardless of your lifestyle, whether you are re-entering the workforce, a professional, travel a lot, retired, or looking to update your wardrobe and image, you deserve to look great and feel confident now.  You are important. You are not invisible.  You are worthy of self-care.  Lucia’s Personal Styling empowers women to unfold their inner beauty and outwardly shine.

Lucia's Personal Styling - Style Consultation - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane


Lucia's Personal Styling - Wardrobe Consultation - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane


Lucia's Personal Styling - Personal Shopping - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane


Lucia's Personal Styling - One Outfit Express Shop - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane


Lucia's Personal Styling - Colour Analysis - Sunshine Coast & Brisbane


My Private Stylist Program


Lucia is passionate about advising and creating an image for you that reflects your personal style, offering a range of services that are customised to suit your needs.


With a twenty-year background in education and the creative arts, Lucia is passionate about empowering women to look and feel great. She champions women to present the best version of themselves with clarity and confidence. Lucia’s mission is to educate and support women so they feel more positive about their personal image, brand and professional presentation.  ‘Unfold your inner beauty and outwardly shine’ is at the heart of this consultancy business; it celebrates the unique characteristics of each woman and their ability to reclaim and reignite their identity through the transformative power of personal styling.  Lucia will advise and create an image for you that reflects your individual style, offering a range of services that can be customised to suit your needs.

Lucia specialises in supporting women across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane who require:

  • an image refresh or update for new business branding, photographic shoots and start-up businesses.
  • corporate/professional/event wear clothing.
  • appropriate presentation, grooming and personal styling for prospective job interviews.
  • how to dress successfully when returning to work post health challenges and other significant life changes.
  • styling education about all things to do with what and how to wear the most flattering outfits to specifically complement your lifestyle, physical shape and complexion.
  • a Personal Colour Analysis which will allow you to understand the best colour range for your clothes, hair and makeup, including accessories and eyewear. Create a strategic style plan to enhance your visual impact by integrating your signature colours.
  • develop greater self-confidence by reclaiming and reigniting your personal identity and style.

Lucia is a certified personal stylist and certified image and colour consultant, having studied with the Professional Styling Academy (Sydney) and Image Innovators (Victoria), respectively.


Working with Lucia has been such a lovely experience. Lucia was extremely knowledgeable and thorough during my colour analysis appointment. During my wardrobe and style consult Lucia put me at ease and was able to sort through what I needed to alter, keep and donate. The style guide that I received after the wardrobe consult was detailed and really helpful in helping me start my capsule wardrobe journey. Lucia is friendly and warm and a pleasure to work with! ☺️
I had a colour consultation with Lucia and honestly couldn't be happier with my experience. Not only was she clearly knowledgeable and skilled, she was also so compassionate and empathetic, she helped me feel at ease and with her observations, so much more confident in what colours suit me. I've bought two new lip stains in the week since, after not wearing lip colour for years and used the app to match the colours, it was so great! She gave me invaluable advice about my new business uniform as well. I highly recommend Lucia and her services, and wish her all the best in continuing to develop her business and help many others! 😍😍😍
My colour analysis appointment with Lucia was amazing and insightful, I had such a great experience. I am very grateful for the guidance in the right direction to put me on the path of bringing out my authenticity and creativity.
Lucia was absolutely lovely and very welcoming. I instantly felt relaxed and in good hands. My consultation was extremely helpful and thorough and covered everything from clothing color and texture, jewelry, accessories, hair color and even make up. I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation and would highly recommend spending time with Lucia. I am looking forward to sorting through my wardrobe and shopping with more confidence.
Lucia was so welcoming and kind. Her studio is beautiful and comfortable, such a gorgeous space. I highly recommend her services, I learned so so much and I am now seeing my wardrobe in a whole new light!
I had the most incredible experience with Lucia! She helped me figure out my best colours for clothes, make up and hair. Now I feel so much more confident to make conscious choices when shopping and create my capsule wardrobe. Thank you Lucia!! I will be recommending you to all my friends x
I had the most amazing time with Lucia. I have spent such a long time buying clothes that are conservative in colour, to fit in with the "norm".Lucia helped me to discover which colours look best on me and reassured me that life is too short to wear clothes you do not feel good in. Lucia is a beautiful person inside and out, and she looked after me extremely well. She made me feel confident, and I am beyond excited to create my new wardrobe! I would recommend this service to anyone. Once again, Lucia, thank you! xx
A really comprehensive consultation which was both enjoyable and informative! I’ve come away with a great guide to help me going forward and so many tips and suggestions. Would recommend Lucia and her personal colour analysis - thanks Lucia!
Lucia brings a fun, fresh approach to personal styling. She is very personable, attentive and an expert in her field. No details are missed as she goes above and beyond to meet her clients' needs. Lucia's energy and passion come through in the creative styling reels she posts on her Facebook page. Simply trust the process, open your mind to new possibilities and enjoy the transformation. You will not be disappointed.
I had my color analysis with Lucia at her beautiful home studio just 1 hr from Brisbane.Great morning with lots and lots of information.Will I remember it all - absolutely not BUT I have a booklet, app, power point and color swatches to remind me. Was it value for money - absolutely!!!!! I will recoup my investment making fewer mistakes with my purchases and I can now see why some things just didn’t work for me. If you are sitting on the fence “just do it”. Great experience!!!!
Working with Lucia for a personal colour analysis the was an absolute game-changer for myself & my friend.From the moment we walked in for our consultation, Lucia made us feel comfortable, welcomed & understood. Lucia took the time to assess our skin tone, hair colour, and personal preferences before diving into the colour analysis process. What impressed us the most was Lucia’s ability to explain the science behind colour and how certain shades can enhance or detract from one's appearance.Throughout the consultation, Lucia provided invaluable advice on colour combinations, fabric choices, and accessorising techniques. They not only helped us identify our most flattering hues but also taught us how to incorporate them into our everyday style effortlessly.We left the consultation feeling empowered and excited to revamp our wardrobes with confidence. Thanks to Lucia's expertise and guidance, shopping for clothes has become an enjoyable and stress-free experience.If you're looking to elevate your style and discover the colours that make you shine, I highly recommend booking a consultation with Lucia.Trust me, it'll be the best investment you make in your wardrobe!
It's such an interesting, fun experience to have your colours done. With age, my skin and hair colour have changed and I was feeling washed out in many of the colours that I wear, so I engaged Lucia's help . As part of Lucia's professional analysis she likes to do her homework on you first, so photos and information were were sent prior to the appointment. At the appointment, Lucia uses colour drapes to help confirm your personal colour palette and then the fun begins. Lucia is so energic and knowledgeable in her presentation as she explains and provides practical advice on your colours, suitable pattern and fabric choices, over / undertones, temperature, make up, hair and accessories. Lucia brings it all together in her custom studio along with morning tea ! I left amazed and with some incredible tools, the best being the Colour ID App that actually coordinates your colours for you. It's great to know how to create the "wow" factor again and feel confident in doing so. Thankyou Lucia.
I was a little apprehensive about seeing Lucia for a colour analysis but I'm so glad I did! She is so welcoming and knowledgeable. The whole process was really fun. I would highly recommend this service, I got a lot out of it.
I had the pleasure of meeting Lucia for a colour and style consultation, and it was nothing short of exceptional.I was greeted with warmth and professionalism and made to feel comfortable. Lucia was prepared and had analysed all of the information shared in advance. Her thoroughness and attention to detail was evident throughout the entire session and aligned perfectly with my personal style and goals.Aside from her exceptional technical skills, Lucia also possesses excellent communication skills, explaining the reasoning behind her advice and providing valuable tips.I left the consultation feeling confident and inspired to explore new styles and colours. I highly recommend Lucia to anyone seeking a professional and personalised style and colour analysis experience, she is truly a gem in her field.Thank you Lucia.
Lucia was amazing!! She was so knowledgeable and passionate about her clients and really showed an interest in making you feel special. We did a colour analysis and style consult and walked away feeling empowered and beautiful! Thank you for an incredible experience Lucia!
Lucia’s service was excellent. We did a colour analysis and personal style session. It was incredible to come away empowered and with knowledge of how to present in the best possible way. Lucia is very passionate about giving people the tools to look their best. Thank you very much Lucia!
Best thing I have ever done for myself. I couldn’t wait to go home and declutter my closet, and build a wardrobe in colours and shapes that suit my build, personality and colour type. I can’t wait to book Lucia again.
Thank you Lucia for an amazing job. I'm so happy with all your choices for me. You've helped make me a new woman.Sharon
I have been wanting a colour/style consult for years. When I stumbled across Lucia's Instagram page and saw her down-to-earth posts, I realised that she was just the person. Lucia has pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me to try different styles and colours, and given me the confidence I needed to experiment. Thank you Lucia, I loved working with you and the experience.
If you are considering or looking for a fashion stylist, look no further, Lucia is the BEST!. I had my colours done years ago but having Lucia do them again took things to a whole new level, she is professional, knowledgeable, talented and very attentive. She made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole experience. I left feeling very excited about the possibilities of adding a whole new range of colours to my wardrobe and can’t wait to have my style and wardrobe edit done with LuciaThanks so much Lucia you're awesome!
I had a personal color analysis done by the lovely Lucia and it has been an absolute game changer for me. The best fashion investment I have ever made.Lucia is an extremely warm and friendly woman, who made me feel welcome, comfortable and seen. She is very thorough and detailed in her consultation, as there is a lot to unpack.If you have always wanted to know what your particular colours are and save money by purchasing only clothes that make you look your best, then I hands down recommend you book a colour analysis with Lucia. It will be one of the best fashion decisions you will ever make.
I was really impressed on how thorough and professional Lucia was. After countless emails and all information sent to me before and after our time together, I can see the hours she spent behind the scenes and can now appreciate the cost of her services.Day 1: Lucia's home studio is just gorgeous and girly. I was here for the colour analysis. Upon arrival tea was served in a pretty tea pot and cup set, and a multi-tier (cupcake style) platter with dietary friendly cookies (gluten free) and fruits.As our time together went on this day, Lucia lightheartedly pop quizzed me to make sure I understand or could recognise the difference in colours and patterns. This was 2 hoursDay 2: Lucia came to my place, I had laid out my whole wardrobe and got to work trying most things on to assess its shape, colour, condition and flatteringness as to whether it went to the donation pile or stayed and what I already had that could be mix and match with.I had a decent donation pile started and after she left I went through again and discarded more. It was liberating.Afterward Lucia put together a list of basic items that were missing or needed updating from my wardrobe. I didn't have a huge wardrobe to start with but ran out of my 2 hours allotted time so paid to keep her for another half an hour.The following day, I had off but Lucia spent the day at our local shopping centre preparing for my shopping day the following day.Day 3 (for me) I turned up and got straight into trying on what Lucia had put aside for me the previous day. We went over the 2 hours so I paid for a 3rd hour and still ran out of time and didn't quite get all intended items.We got to 4 stores. Yes only 4 stores in 3 hours, I was open to try on everything Lucia suggested.It's was a fun yet hectic experience as Lucia powered through each day, to keep us on track and mostly within our allocated time frame.A week later I received a follow-up checking in, how was I feel ing in my new pieces, had I purchased anything else....and answered a few more questions I had.Im still trying to wrap my head around my colour palette but with the colour app i recieved on the first day, I'm am getting more confident shopping on my own and slowly adding to my basics and moreI would absolutely recommend Lucia. I could easily have spent more days to a week with her, learning and enjoying her process. I felt completely at ease in her presence and really appreciated her diplomatic style of constructive critiquing
Thank you ,thank you ,thank you What a wonderful morning with so much information, insight and knowledge shared by LuciaShe was so warm and engaging and the process was easy and funI was given a voucher for my birthday by a friend and I was a little hesitant but now I wish I had gone soonerThis is a great start , I was given so many tools to use that will make shopping easierI can't wait to have a shopping trip with Lucia very soon to fill my wardrobe with all the right choices
I was given this styling experience with Lucia for my 70th birthday from my family. I didn’t know what what to expect but as soon as I met Lucia I felt relaxed. Lucia is so lovely and very kind Lucia does not push you into buying things and she helps you in how to dress nicely.While trying on items that Lucia had picked for me I felt comfortable and good in them.I really enjoyed my shopping spree with Lucia and would recommend Lucia to my family and friends.Thank you so much Lucia I felt different in the items of clothing you recommended and love the earrings, sneakers and sandals and the clothing.
Words will not do justice what an amazing experience I had with Lucia. Lucia was incredible from the minute I spoke to her over the phone from my enquiry to walking me through colours to packing my boot full of my new wardrobe. This was the best investment I’ve made in myself and am so grateful to have had Lucia pass her knowledge onto me. Lucia was knowledgeable, passionate, patient and genuinely wants the best outcome for you. I wouldn’t have ever been able to do this myself and now I have all the tools (and clothes!) to confidently not walk around the shops without direction. Not only that but to have Lucia there to guide me on sized was invaluable. I now own nothing that I don’t absolutely love. Hands down the best experience and worth every cent!
Thank you for your services today, Lucia. It was very informative and I learned a lot. I was surprised by just how many more options have suddenly become available and what a huge impact the right shade of a colour can make to ones look and feel.I feel a lot more confident in making the right colour choice now, no matter where I choose to shop.... but know how much I would equally benefit from a wardrobe/style consult as well down the track!I'd highly recommend Lucia for her professionalism, presentation and sound understanding of her craft, clearly demonstrated in just 2 hrs of my time! She was organised, on time and a delight to work with!
I first had Lucia come to my house for a wardrobe consult which was eye opening. She helped me see my wardrobe in a different light and I came away understanding the reality of my clothes situation :O. We then went shopping! I loved shopping with Lucia - she had done all the hard work already and had chosen perfect clothes for me. She completely understood who I was and what I liked. I felt like a glamorous woman in the end! The day was fun and enjoyable and it was a delight to see the retail staff greet Lucia by name - they know her well and we always got first class treatment. Thank you Lucia, I will be forever grateful.
Lucia’s expertise goes beyond just picking out clothes - she has a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of trends, and the ability to create looks that are both specific to the look I am trying to create as a small business owner.Lucia was extremely helpful, friendly and added value. I would recommend Lucia as she has left a lasting impression on me. Thank you Lucia.
I had the most wonderful styling session recently with Lucia and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in sharing her knowledge with her clients. Lucia really takes the time to get to know her clients and understand their preferences, situation and lifestyle. She is always gracious, kind, caring, non judgemental and wonderfully inspiring with all her recommendations. I am honestly amazed at much we achieve in each of our sessions but I know she spends an incredible amount of time behind the scenes getting everything ready. I needed a brand new wardrobe and Lucia was just the professional I needed to help me achieve that. I am so happy with all my new acquisitions and I know I would have never been able to find these pieces by myself or even consider going out of my comfort zone without Lucia’s gentle guidance and advice. She is truly a miracle worker, a modern day style goddess and I cannot thank her enough.
My husband gifted me a session with Lucia. I was a little apprehensive whether a wardrobe stylist was for me. Lucia rang me before our session and immediately put me at ease. When I met her my experience was the same, she is warm, understanding and down to earth and practical, but professional. She was respectful of my preferences and ideas whilst steering me towards colours and styles that better suit my complexion, shape and age. In just a week after our session I was able to happily part with superfluous pieces of clothing that had literally and figuratively, been "hanging around". In one shopping trip I halved the time I normally spend looking for pieces as she'd taught me what to look for and what to avoid. Her time is the best gift I have received in decades.
What a wonderfully informative morning spent with the warm and lovely Lucia. I highly recommend an appointment to help clarify colour choices, make up and fabric options.
What a marvelous experience. I had a personal colour consultation with Lucia. She was gracious, welcoming and encouraging. I learned so much today about the best colours and tones for me. It’ll take some time to absorb it all but I immediately felt that the session would save me time and money in the future. I’m looking forward to putting Lucia’s advice into practice. It truly was a lovely way to spend the morning.
My friend and I spent the morning and some of the afternoon with Lucia learning about our colours. We had the best time and wished we could have stayed longer.Lucia is passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to giving her clients the best experience with style and colour.
Lucia is so passionate about supporting people to be the best version of themselves. Lucia stepped me through the results of a colour analysis which will help me make better clothing choices moving forward. She is an utter professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.
I highly recommend Lucia's services! A few months back I did not really know what a styling session was and now I wonder why I took this long to engage. Lucia's focus on personal style rather than fashion and generalisations was a game changer for me and my anxiety around clothes shopping has been turned around. In addition to a professional, experienced and qualified approach Lucia is fun to be around and deeply cares about getting the right outcomes for her clients.
Lucia was fabulous to work with. Her knowledge of coloring and styling is in-depth and she provided a wealth of valuable advice. I would strongly recommend her
I purchased a session with Lucia as a gift for my wife, and it was a hit. Lucia did a great job advising on colours and styles and helped select a great range of classic looks to compliment what was already in the wardrobe. This is a great gift for people who just need a little advice with their fashion.
I loved my colour analysis by Lucia. It has opened my wardrobe options and will allow me to invest in pieces that I can wear again and again. Lucia’s home studio is just beautiful and her attention to detail meant that I learnt many tips and tricks, it was so nice to have someone fussing over me and to be learning at the same time. I highly recommend Lucia’s Personal Styling services, it is a great investment for anyone wanting to elevate their style.
We purchased a gift voucher for my mother in law for Christmas. She absolutely loved having the help and guidance of Lucia while shopping. It was a real confidence boost for her and she walked away with many beautiful new outfits. It really opened her eyes to new possibilities. Absolutely worth investing in. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lucia's services.
Wow! Where do I start? Lucia is the gifted goddess of styling, and is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the out. With a calm, caring and discerning energy, she guides you to express the beautiful you you’re meant to be. I was at the point of dreading choosing what to wear to work, eating out and even to the shops. I felt drab, old and frumpy. NO MORE. Words can’t describe the shift in my attitude, first and foremost towards my own body confidence and self-concept. And I cannot wait to wake each day to create myself another new look. If you’ve been thinking about investing in yourself, this is in my opinion the best foundation to love and see yourself for you really are.
An amazing experience! Lucia is very skilled at what she does. My once non-existent wardrobe is now filled with stylish and lovely pieces and I am thrilled with the result. Thank you!
I would highly recommend engaging Lucia, she is wonderful. Her services were worth every cent I paid her. I would engage her again and I will recommend her to my friends and family. I engaged Lucia as I was struggling to find cloths that suited me and that I felt good in. After having a wardrobe consultation with Lucia, I really started to feel like I was getting my confidence back and her styling tips helped me better understand what suits me and used pieces that are already in my wardrobe. The personal shop was amazing. I would never have been so successful on my own. Lucia had completed a detailed pre-shop so the things that may suit/fit me were already selected and waiting for me. This resulted in finding lots of things that fitted and looked good on me. I love wearing my new things and I am looking forward to going back to work next year feeling confident and happy in what I am wearing. Thanks so much Lucia!
Lucia is an incredibly talented lady! I recently saw Lucia for a colour consultation and style analysis, and it was such an enlightening experience. I had been following Lucia's social media pages for quite a while before I made contact, as I wanted to be sure she was the right person for me and wow, wasn't she ever!The morning at Lucia's beautiful studio was such a great experience and I have learned so much about what colours, textures, cuts and styles are best suited to me. Lucia is professional and friendly and extremely knowledgeable and from the moment I met with her, I knew I was in good hands.I am planning on having a personal shopping session or two with Lucia in the coming months and I am really looking forward to it. Shopping, clothing and style has never really been an interest of mine and I have found it harder and harder as the years pass, but after seeing Lucia, and learning from her, I actually feel excited and confident about shopping for a new wardrobe, something I never thought I'd hear myself say!Thank you Lucia, you are amazing!
Today I had my personal colour analysis and style consultations with Lucia - what a fabulous experience! I learnt so much and now feel empowered to start putting it into practise. From the minute I met Lucia she was absolutely delightful - so bubbly, warm and welcoming, instantly easing any nervousness I had. She is an absolute professional, her knowledge of colour and style are just incredible. There was no need for me to try and remember everything she shared, or to take notes, as everything is covered in material I got to take home, I will certainly enjoy reading this at my leisure. Her studio is calm and relaxing and she makes the whole consultation fun as well as meaningful and confidence building. Thank you Lucia!
Today a friend and I went and visited Lucia for a colour analysis. We were a bit nervous leading up to it as fashion is completely out of our comfort zone.But the communication leading up to the appointment was so reassuring, I just had a good feeling about it.And as soon as we arrived Lucia was so warm and welcoming she put us at ease. She made it fun, exciting, educational and most of all.. comfortable. She was very genuine in her compliments on what are our best features and manage to talk to us about fashion in a language we could understand.By the end we walked out confident and excited to hit the shops and try out our newly learnt information and newly found courage.We will definitely be booking in again for a wardrobe and personalised shopping consultation next! Can’t wait!Highly recommended!Thanks again Lucia!
I have just completed a colour styling session with Lucia and it was awesome. What a wonderful experience working with a highly skilled professional who quickly put me at ease, built trust and slowly peeled away many layers. It was a truly empowering experience from both a styling and personal perspective . It has highlighted to me how to use colour to enhance my complexion and make better fashion choices which will help to show my personality. I am feeling absolutely fabulous and more educated about the use of colour in my wardrobe, with makeup and hair colouring and style.Armed with my personal colour swatches provided by Lucia I feel I can make better choices with colour which will enhance my body shape, highlight my strengths and assist me to shine.Thank you Lucia I am so grateful.
I would recommend Lucia and her services in a heartbeat. It was a pleasure working with her. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She helped me to breathe new life into my wardrobe. It was a fun experience and the outcome exceeded my expectations by far. I'm over the moon with the clothes she picked for me. She did an excellent job and I can't thank her enough.
Digital Colour Swatches

Digital Colour Swatches

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Digital Style Programs

As featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily Weekend Magazine
As featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily Weekend Magazine
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