Discover your personal style and image with Lucia's Personal Styling on the Sunshine Coast.


• Wardrobe Consultation
• Customised Personal Shopping
• Personal Colour Analysis

Lucia’s Personal Styling empowers women to unfold their inner beauty and outwardly shine. No matter your body shape, if you have put on weight, lost weight, had recent surgery or ill health, you are worthy of self care. Regardless of your lifestyle, whether you are re-entering the workforce, a professional, travel a lot, retired, or looking to update your wardrobe and image, you deserve to look great and feel confident now. Regardless of your age, you are important. You are not invisible. You are unique and special.

Lucia is passionate about advising and creating an image for you that reflects your personal style, offering a range of services that are customised to suit your needs.

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Lucia is a Personal Stylist based on the Sunshine Coast, servicing all areas of the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.