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Lucia's Personal Styling - Sunshine Coast

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Lucia's Personal Styling - Sunshine Coast

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Lucia's Personal Styling - Sunshine Coast

Personal Colour Analysis

Lucia is passionate about teaching women to understand their unique colouring and body shape, shop with greater confidence, and create a practical, comfortable and stylish wardrobe that authentically reflects who they are. Regardless of your lifestyle, whether you are re-entering the workforce, a professional, travel a lot, retired, or looking to update your wardrobe and image, you deserve to look great and feel confident now.  You are important. You are not invisible.  You are worthy of self-care.  Lucia’s Personal Styling empowers women to unfold their inner beauty and outwardly shine.

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Lucia's Personal Styling - Wardrobe Consultation


Lucia's Personal Styling - Personal Shopping


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Lucia's Personal Styling - Colour Analysis


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Lucia is passionate about advising and creating an image for you that reflects your personal style, offering a range of services that are customised to suit your needs.


With a twenty-year background in education and the creative arts, Lucia is passionate about empowering women to look and feel great. She champions women to present the best version of themselves with clarity and confidence. Lucia’s mission is to educate and support women so they feel more positive about their personal image, brand and professional presentation.  ‘Unfold your inner beauty and outwardly shine’ is at the heart of this consultancy business; it celebrates the unique characteristics of each woman and their ability to reclaim and reignite their identity through the transformative power of personal styling.  Lucia will advise and create an image for you that reflects your individual style, offering a range of services that can be customised to suit your needs.

Lucia specialises in supporting women across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane who require:

  • an image refresh or update for new business branding, photographic shoots and start-up businesses.
  • corporate/professional/event wear clothing.
  • appropriate presentation, grooming and personal styling for prospective job interviews.
  • how to dress successfully when returning to work post health challenges and other significant life changes.
  • styling education about all things to do with what and how to wear the most flattering outfits to specifically complement your lifestyle, physical shape and complexion.
  • a Personal Colour Analysis which will allow you to understand the best colour range for your clothes, hair and makeup, including accessories and eyewear. Create a strategic style plan to enhance your visual impact by integrating your signature colours.
  • develop greater self-confidence by reclaiming and reigniting your personal identity and style.

Lucia is a certified personal stylist and certified image and colour consultant, having studied with the Professional Styling Academy (Sydney) and Image Innovators (Victoria), respectively.

Lucia is affiliated with the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) – this is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. A non-profit organization, AICI is dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants. AICI members counsel both individual and corporate clients on appearance, behaviour, communication skills, etiquette and international protocol. As experts in image consulting, members guide clients to achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence.


Unfortunately due to a change in my circumstances I wasn’t able to complete the final styling shopping session with Lucia, but the conversations I had with Lucia were warm and showed a level of expertise which gave me the assurance that she would have provided a fantastic experience for me if we could have done the shopping session. He communication was always prompt and helpful and if the opportunity arises in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with Lucia again.
Was really looking forward to meeting with this lady and she did not disappoint. Lucia is such a lovely lady and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any of the services provided. Will be looking to go back to Lucia further down the track.
I engaged Lucia as I needed help putting a wardrobe together as I have no idea. For our first session, we did a wardrobe audit where we went through my clothes that I had already pre-sorted into two piles - a definite pile and a maybe pile. Lucia was very honest with me and told me what worked and what didn't with my body shape. During this session which was three hours (the time flies) I learnt what type of clothes suit my body type,what colour palette I am and how to put clothes together. Needless to say I've been getting it wrong all these years so more than half my wardrobe is now going to charityFrom our first session, Lucia then sent me a detailed brief of what we discussed and a list of basics that I needed to purchase to compliment my wardrobe. She then spent four hours at the Plaza the day before our next meeting to find lots of different pieces from different stores and had them put aside.We did a three hour power shop today which was so much fun - it's amazing how quickly the time flies by. I tried on so many clothes, most I absolutely loved and a couple that I wasn't sure of. She has a great rapport with all the store staff and you feel like you are being pampered and that all the attention is on you! I had so much fun and came out with so many pieces that I love and I can blend with my existing wardrobe. Even better, I now have a better understanding and more confidence of how to put the different pieces together.I highly recommend Lucia if you are looking at engaging a stylist as she is so easy going, friendly, non-judgemental and honest. I have a few months to get a wardrobe capsule together for my trip to Italy next year, however, if I find myself a bit confused, I will definitely be engaging Lucia again for her expertise and style.Thank you so much Lucia for an absolutely wonderful pampering experience x
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Lucia for an amazing experience with my first (but not Last) personalized shopping trip with her. It was super informative and helped me to understand my body shape so much more and showed me clothes styles I would normal have never tired.And to top it all off it was a fun and enjoyable experience … would highly recommend her for anyone whether looking to update wardrobe, finding an outfit for a special occasion or understanding what suits when the body changes shape, which is all the 3 things I need help with.100% success for me - Big 5 Stars
Lucia is magic! She helped me go through my wardrobe, as I have changed shape and not much fitted me anymore! She is excellent at colours, mix and matching, but her greatest talent is finding clothes which are high quality and well fit/made. I am really looking forward to my personal shop with her. She is a beautiful, lovely, bubbly, passionate lady who loves what she does! Thank you Lucia.
Absolutely fabulous morning. Lucia helped reinvigorate my wardrobe and gave me the confidence in my own style.
Lucia took me from dull and dowdy to vibrant and alive, from having no style direction to being on point. This lady is a joy to work with and I will see her again when I need tweaking. Thank you Lucia for bringing back my smile!!!
Lucia goes above and beyond for her clients. She constantly recommends them to our hair salon with recommendations of colour/ style that will suit and then let’s us complete the look!Lucia’s style is impeccable and she always looks perfect and so do her customers. I cannot wait to get a makeover myself.
Wow! what a marathon of accessorising, re-imagining, organising, decluttering and learning…The wardrobe has gone from looking like a clothing bomb had gone off in it to the bedroom now looking like a clothing bomb has gone off (that’s what happens when you do all the above in four hours) however what a different bomb … the colours all sing together, harmonise and say wear me, wear me … Lucia has given me a lifelong gift that is already giving over and over .. as well as in my wardrobe, the colours and textures in my living environment are showing up in a very different way .. the colour swatch is so valuable and is making colour decisions far quicker and easier. Lucia has awoken my confidence in my own clothing choices and inner knowing of the combinations that feel right for me, and the overwhelm of having lots of clothes and yet ‘nothing to wear’ has disappeared.. Lucia was also very gracious about the decision to keep the orange cardy! oh and the mustard halter neck ..
What an absolute blast I had with Lucia. Fun and successful shopping day. Lucia took time to understand me, my style, colours etc and found the perfect outfit for a wedding plus some extra pieces for travelling that I will be able to wear again and again, and not just for travelling. Lucia made it easy for me when I didn't have time to shop around and was very open and honest when helping me to make decisions on which pieces to purchase. Anyone looking for a stylist I would highly recommend Lucia. Worth her weight in GOLD plus some.
With Lucia's amazing help we culled my wardrobe and she advised which colours and styles suited me the best. She is so knowledgeable.The shopping trip was so much fun. Lucia had put verything aside the day before ready to try on. I now have the confidence to go shopping and not purchase items that don't suit me. I highly recommend Lucia.Thank you.
I have just had the most amazing shopping experience with Lucia. Never being able to buy a dress that was not long, heaps of material but Lucia found the perfect dress. Her original selections of what would look good on me were amazing and they all came from a phone call, photos and questionnaire. Lucia showed me how to mix and match with what we had purchased. Such an exciting lady to shop with. Best experience ever. Recommend it to anyone and I'd do it again. Thank you again Lucia.
Lucia, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate at what she does and is amazing at understanding who you are and what style you are most attracted to even before you meet, she is upmost professional and compassionate in her approach. Her suggestions of colour and style were on point. I highly recommend Lucia and wished I had known and seen her years ago. I will be a returning customer.
WOW what can I say,Lucia is amazing. I have never been one to know what my colours were and what style suits me so my wardrobe has never been good. With Lucia's help I learnt what my colours are and then we had the cull of my wardrobe which felt amazing to do, and then the shopping trip. That was fantastic, brought things I would normally not think suited me but with Lucia's insight I seen what does suit me and was totally surprised. So thank you so so much Lucia for all the effort you but into making me feel so comfortable and getting me to try cloths on before I buy, something I never use to do.I now have skirts and dresses in my wardrobe that look good on my , so I will be getting more.Ended up with 22 new items that I can mix and match and look good. You worked wonders with my age and shape thank you. If anyone is thinking of getting a Personal Stylist I highly recommend Lucia.
I recently saw Lucia for a colour analysis and wardrobe consultation. I was so happy that I took that step and enlisted her services.Lucia makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. She is always very professional and personable. She really does care about her clients and goes the extra mile to assist you. She has helped me immensely and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for styling services. I am looking forward to working with her again as I continue my ‘style journey’.
Lucia makes you feel at ease the minute she greets you upon arrival, the anxiety of going to a stylist usually is due to feeling uncomfortable or uneasy about your current style, etc but she really quickly makes you feel like you're a close friend of hers.She is incredibly informative, the advice and detail that she provided me has been so useful, I have already put it into practice and am loving making the changes to my everyday 'look'. You will be in awe of how much information she comes out with!I have referred Lucia to everyone I meet as I truly believe this personal information about your colouring, best styles, shape, fabrics and cut is so important to understand! I wish I had met her sooner, to be honest!!
When I was younger and thinner, it was easy to pull outfits together to feel comfortable and confident. A change in weight and letting my hair go grey meant the things that worked before just didn’t work any more. Buying clothes became hard, and I ended up buying everything in black to be ”safe”.I’ve never used a stylist before but knew I needed help. After a long chat with Lucia about what mattered to me, we started with a colour consultation, followed by a wardrobe audit at home. Great suggestions, strong colour recommendations for what works with my skin tone and hair colour, and a very detailed report showing workable wardrobe items and gaps to address meant shopping became much easier. I did an initial shop with Lucia’s recommendations, then spent several hours shopping with Lucia a few weeks later.Net result? Some new clothes, some alterations to my existing clothes so they became more flattering, and joy and ease when I go to get dressed. Dressing for social occasions and packing for a few days away is suddenly easy. I’ve had lots of compliments too. Wish I found Lucia several years ago.Lucia is personable, and very respectful when she realises she’s introducing ideas that might require a mental shift. She’s more than willing to work within a clothing budget, and having her do a pre-shop for me saved a lot of time (and stress) in stores. I will definitely use Lucia’s services again.
My personal colour analysis with Lucia was fabulous and fun. Lucia is very friendly and professional. She sent information via email to explain the process, which was easy. I had to upload a photo of myself and answer a questionnaire which she used to creat a complete colour profile to suit me. We then had a zoom session to explain the colour choices and how to use my individual colour wallet which I received in the mail. I highly recommend Lucia’s Personal Styling services if you need a style revamp like myself, and it’s great to be able to access professional advice delivered in a fun way even in a COVID lockdown
Lucia is a knowledgable, friendly professional stylist. The colour analysis and style consultation with Lucia was the perfect way to kick off my style development project! Lucia has given me invaluable insights which have already increased my confidence in choosing the best colours and styles to enhance my colouring and body shape. Lucia is compassionate and empathetic, a joy to spend some time with.
I thoroughly recommend a few hours with Lucia if you would like to declutter, reorganise and discover ways to wear and combine clothes which have been neglected in your wardrobe. Lucia is down to earth, has a great eye for matching colours and knowing what suits you. It was an enjoyable experience. My wardrobe is now lighter and I am loving wearing the combinations of clothes I had not thought about before. Thanks Lucia!
I couldn't recommend Lucia's enough! Her knowledge & attention to detail is second to none and I am so grateful to her for the time she spent with me. Lucia went above and beyond from the first phone call and it's an investment that will last a lifetime. Thank you x
A colour and styling consultation with Lucia was an invaluable enjoyable experience. Lucia is very passionate about her work and is a genuinely lovely person to spend a few hours with. I left the consultation with the confidence of knowing what colours and styles suit me best. Just a few days now after the consultation I am feeling inspired to always try and look my best which helps one to feel their best. Thank you Lucia!
I can't recommend Lucia and her Personal Styling highly enough. From the very first moment of talking to Lucia on the phone I knew she was the person I wanted to work with in resetting my personal styling. My body shape had changed over the years along with going grey naturally and I wasn't confident or comfortable in most of the clothes in my wardrobe. Lucia's knowledge and expertise is amazing and she delivers it all with passion and compassion towards her client. My experience has been life changing in so many ways, my confidence in what I buy and wear has increased dramatically and I no longer buy anything without my color swatch and my little wallet card questionnaire. I can go to my wardrobe now and put anything on from there feeling comfortable and confident in what I wear. I absolutely loved my shopping experience with Lucia, without doubt Lucia made it all about me. I feel Lucia went above and beyond from start to finish with my consultation. I have to say this is THE BEST investment I've ever made in me. With much gratitude to you Lucia, Lyn :)
Lucia is wonderful, I had colour analysis and personal shop with her. I would highly recommend Lucia for your personal style. She found my lots if signature colours and styles. I would surely do it again. My wardrobe is looking fresh now!
Lucia is amazing.....I had the colour analysis, wardrobe audit and the personal shop and I truly would do it all again tomorrow. Lucia does a pre-shop for you so there is no having to look at racks of clothes, it’s straight into the change rooms and starting trying things on. My new wardrobe is looking fresh, stylish and funky. Thanks Lucia and see you soon for the spring/summer season!
Wow, what an incredible experience!I utilised Lucia’s personal styling service for a Wardrobe Consultation and Customised Personal Shopping and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the result!I hate shopping for clothes as I always get so overwhelmed and never seem to buy the right things. Lucia was lovely, kind, caring and really accommodated my needs and wants. I feel like a new and improved woman, Lucia has not only helped me improve my dress sense but she has also made me feel confident again. The whole process was so easy and stress free! I highly recommend!
I am so grateful for Lucia's care, attention and expertise. I've spent Friday morning learning about my colours (clothes/hair/makeup/jewellery), and recommended styles (clothes/shoes/hair). Lucia made me feel like a VIP throughout my time with her. She curated a selection of gorgeous clothes especially for me on the Friday afternoon, ahead of our very fun and fast paced shopping session on Saturday morning. Lucia's expertise and helpful guidance for my own favoured style (classic/elegant), but with fit and fabric 'tweaks' to make the most of my physique and colour tones. Lucia's approach basically merges all the practical knowledge of Trinny & Susannah on the What Not to Wear tv show, but without the push to wear Spanx, and much nicer/kinder like your trusted friend. I cannot recommend Lucia and her services highly enough and will personally engage her services again for a wardrobe refresh late this year.
Lucia , I cant thank you enough for taking such care looking after my Mother in-law. Your compassionate nature and unbelievable knowledge was so gratefully appreciated . My Mother-in-law tells me it was her best birthday present yet. You really did make her 75th birthday one to remember.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Absolutely wonderful lady who knows how to help you with colours, styles and how to wear what. I would recommend her services to everyone. Thank you Lucia
I thoroughly enjoyed my Colour Consultation with Lucia and would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in discovering their own best colours and the difference it can make to the way you look and feel. Lucia shares her knowledge in a professional and friendly way. She was very thorough and went the extra mile every step of the way from our initial phone call until the conclusion of my session. It is obvious to me that Lucia is passionate about what she does and in providing the best possible experience for her clients. The information and colour swatch that I came away with are both practical and user friendly.Lucia's studio is a beautifully decorated, comfortable space and the morning tea I was treated to was delicious and beautifully presented, another example of how Lucia went the extra mile.
I highly recommend Lucia’s personal styling. I can now shop with confidence with assurance of not wasting money on clothing I will never wear or having buyers remorse. I feel empowered to wear my outfits with style and her help in mixing and matching what I already have has been so helpful. Lucia is warm, friendly and honest in a kind way and very professional. I will be recommending her to my friends and family!
I had a fantastic wardrobe consultation and personal shopping experience with Lucia. She is warm, friendly, professional, and very talented at what she does. My outfit 'stress' has been replaced with 'confidence' and 'compliments'. I definitely look forward to shopping with Lucia again in the future.
Very happy & impressed with the service that was given. Lucia was very kind & helpful to my partner & myself. Very impressed with how my wife has changed in the way she shops & chooses her style with little hesitation, it has made her shopping a more fun & exciting activity. Would definitely recommend Lucia to anyone who asks about a personal stylist.
Lucia is the best! I felt like pretty woman during my express shop. I went with the intention of buying one outfit and ended up with three and I love them all. They fit my round shape perfectly, the colours are so me and I feel 6 ft tall (even though I am only 5'2") and so confident. Thank you sooo much.
Lucia is very warm and affirming. I felt very nourished and inspired by my consultation. I was concerned that I might feel scrutinised because the session involves looking closely at different aspects of your appearance, but I believe Lucia is well practiced in noticing what is beautiful and unique about different women, and I left feeling great. I love clothes and caring for my appearance, but I’m quite natural in many ways. I wear no/minimal make-up, flat shoes, natural fabrics, natural grey hair etc. I wondered if Lucia would ‘get’ that. She definitly did, and it turns out that women of my colour type are often sensitive and need natural, comfortable fabrics. So, I think Lucia will appreciate and work with a diverse range of women’s needs and preferences. I’m feeling excited and confident to be more adventurous and expressive with colour in a way that feels authentic to me. Thank you Lucia!
highly recommended if you are interested to find out your Personal Colour and styling.
Where to begin.Lucia is a styling fairy who was able to change my mind set. There was a connection between myself and Lucia, as if we had known each other for years.My husband engaged Lucia's services for myself to complete a personal colour analysis and personal shopping trip. Lucia opened my eyes to colours that suited my skin tones and opened my world to colours I would never have dreamed of wearing.Lucia understood my lifestyle and encouraged me to voice my thoughts to clothing that she had pre shopped for. As our shopping trip progressed I was gaining more and more confidence.Lucia chose the most amazing clothing for myself that I feel 100% confident in. I was able to attend a birthday dinner that my husband planned in an outfit that was stunning and I loved from the moment I put it on.Lucia has definitely changed my mindset and I am no longer shopping mindlessly for clothing that I think would look good on me. I now have the confidence to take my time and chose items of colour and style that will suit me.Lucia you are amazing and I would recommend you to anyone that would like this for themselves or a loved one. You have given me confidence that I lacked for so long.
Fantastic service, would definitely recommend! I went with my grandma and had a lovely time; Lucia was really relaxed and helpful. It was really good to know the things apart from colours that suited me - such as contrast, patterns, and styles. Thanks Lucia!(Also, if you know a little bit about art and cool/warm colours it helps with understanding that part of the analysis as well)
Lucia is amazing! For my adult life I've felt lost about what clothes and colours are best for me and finally decided to invest in some expertise. Lucia made me feel very comfortable right from the outset and I felt valued and encouraged to be my authentic self. She is a wealth of knowledge, incredibly intuitive, and very generous. The level of service was well beyond my expectations and I'm looking forward to booking her for some shopping when the opportunity arises.
Organising my wardrobe is something that I had wanted to do for years. Working with Lucia was an amazing experience and allowed me to work out my own style and confidence after years of building a very full and confusing wardrobe. Putting my trust into Lucia and with her guidance I am beginning to have pride in myself and my appearance again and am loving the compliments from those around me. Lucia put her love and warmth into the process, taking the time to understand my needs and wants, tailoring the journey at each step to meet my comfort levels and gently pushing me out of them! Thank you for making such a difference Lucia x
What an experience! Over three sessions, I learned so much about colour and style but most of all I had so much fun. From a wide range of shops, Lucia lined up an array of clothes, shoes and accessories that were perfectly suited to my colour, body shape and wardrobe "wish list." The hardest thing was to choose what not to buy!I now feel better equipped and more confident to add to the basic items I purchased - no more confusion about what will mix and match - although I would love to have a mini Lucia in my pocket every time I went shopping!Thank you for your time, knowledge and kindness, Lucia. I enjoyed every moment.
I would highly recommend Lucias Personal Styling. Lucia has a natural discernment and well trained professional talent for determining what colours, clothing styles, makeup etc, truly bring out the best in your appearance! She can help you regain any clarity you need concerning which colour clothes really suit you. In her colour analysis session, she guides you through what is your right complexion colour undertone, overtone, intensity and value level, your whole overall colouring, which is a huge help! It answers all those fashion questions you have when shopping, like: Is this too light for me? Is this too bright? Is this too dark? Is this colour shade too cool? Too short? Right pattern? Right makeup colour? Etc. She puts all the information and helpful images together into your own personal Colour ID notes. Lucia is a positive kind hearted lady and clearly has a passion for working at helping women to be ever confident with how they look, what they wear, and in expressing who they are.L.Clark
I had the most amazing experience with Lucia! I went with a wardrobe consult and a three hour shop. She made feel so comfortable throughout, taught me the do's and don'ts for my body shape. Not only did I come away with 18 items (a new wardrobe) that I feel confident and fabulous in, I also know where to shop for things that flatter my body shape. Not only do I recommend her services, I'll see her again myself for my next seasons shop!
To any ladies out there that are deciding whether to take the leap - I say do it! I cannot adequately express to you how life changing this process was. Lucia is genuine and sincere with just the right amount of bossy to have me try on items I wouldn't normally consider - and wow! She sure knows her stuff. I am walking taller, feeling confident and most of all comfortable in my clothes. Ladies, you owe it to yourself, you won't regret it!
Thanks to Lucia I now have a perfect summer wardrobe but even more than that I wanted to change my look and build more confidence both of which I feel happened over the past week with help from Lucia. She is a truly genuine person with an obvious love for style, colour & clothing. So well worth the investment! Many many thanks Lucia!
It was my very first time to do a colour analysis. Lucia is very warm & professional. She did a remarkable job with helping me understand my colours and equipped me with resources to take home. Her heart, passion and knowledge shone throughout the whole service. Thank you Lucia for sharing your gifts.
Styling has always been a mystery to me. I’ve never known how to put things together or what suits me the best. Finally I decided to book someone to update my professional appearance for work. I was only in the area for a day and a half and Lucia did an absolutely amazing job of making me feel comfortable, finding clothes that fit and look great, and most importantly taking me from clueless to understanding the nuts and bolts and being able to work out an outfit myself. After shopping with Lucia though I won’t shop again myself I can avoid it!
Lucia is a lovely lady who puts you at ease and makes you feel good about yourself. She has helped me identify my signature colours and more importantly for me to be careful colouring my hair, as it puts me in a slightly different colour category! If you want to wear the right cuts and colours I highly recommend contacting Lucia.
I highly recommend Lucia. I have used Lucia twice now - for a new corporate wardrobe and a casual wardrobe update. Both sessions have exceeded my expectations. Not only does Lucia have the ability to select pieces that work with my body type and personality, her selections challenged my filtered view of what worked for me. I love the variety of outfits I now have and have a really good base to work from. My corporate wardrobe is amazing and my casual wardrobe now has style. The confidence boost this has given me was quite unexpected. Can't wait until my next session!
Lucia’s knowledge and experience was invaluable. I have learnt so much and taken away so many useful tools to move forward confidently with my colours and wardrobe. I am extremely grateful to Lucia and appreciate the wonderful work she does - truly professional. I also appreciated all the behind the scenes work involved with creating style, colour and shape guides specific to my needs. So happy that I found Lucia and that I did this for myself. Thank you 🙏🏻 💕
Lucia helped my Mum find her style and took her on an amazing shopping trip. Mum looks amazing in everything and had the best time! Lucia really took the time to go through everything with both my Mum and me and the whole experience from start to finish was stellar! Cannot recommend Lucia enough!
Just had the most fabulous shopping experience ever! Lucia had done so much groundwork to find items for me based on her Wardrobe/Styling consultation at the first appointment. ( I'm the kind of person who ratrely gets the styling right). Her attention to detail during the shopping trip (2nd appointment) was fabulous ensuring the fit and look was complimentary and flattering for my figure. Now my wardrobe has fantastic structure and quality clothes that i can really mix and match. Lucia's suggestions for my continuing wardrobe were fantastic. I would highly recommend Lucia if you are needing to refresh your wardrobe and look fantastic, ( any age, any shape :) .
I contacted Lucia to help me style my new collection for an upcoming photo shoot. Lucia was brilliant and exceeded my expectations in every way. Lucia is easy to get along with, listened to what I wanted, asked all the right questions and was absolutely 100% focused on the job at hand. I am extremely happy with looks Lucia put together for me. Thanks Lucia. Alison
By far the best styling and shopping experience I’ve ever had! Lucia is not only professional and amazing at what she does, she really cares about her clients being completely satisfied. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at regaining their confidence in shopping and finding the perfect clothes for your body shape or special occasion. I’m loving my new clothes and accessories and looking forward to booking her again in Spring.
I loved my experience with you, Lucia. Your knowledge, preparation, care, and talent for translating what I hope to feel like into clothes I love completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
Had the most amazing experience, I loved her brutal honesty (I asked her to as she was being very diplomatic at first). I'm not really into fashion and used to just pull out the same things all the time. Lucia helped me cut my wardrobe in half and showed me how to utilise the remaining things into different outfits for all occasions. I also don't feel I need replace many items although I do have a few recommended items to purchase and I will be happy to get these down the track.I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to have a purge or just needs some fashion advice 💜😃🛍
lucia is amazing lovedher advice and opinion has a fantastic eye for detail. love the outfits we got and they weren't something I would pick off the shelf for myself but I feel really feminine. if anyone does anything in life this is one experience everyone should do to know what suits and what doesn't.thanks again lucia
I engaged Lucia as a suprise for my wife. After having two children and living in country NSW my wife's confidence around her style and shopping was low. After a private consultation and shopping experiance, I can honestly say my wifes confidence in her wardrobe and body has returned. Very proffesional, very honest and reliable. Highly reccomended!
Fantastic service and honest advice. Lucia gave me ideas from my own wardrobe that I hadn't though of before. Looking forward to shopping with confidence :)
I hate shopping unless it's in markets for food! Lucia made the task of updating and uplifting both my wardrobe and me quick, efficient and pain free. We had allocated just the right amount of time and I am completely happy with every piece purchased. Even if you love shopping her eye for detail and knowledge of what is out there is such a huge time saver. And she is honest, will not let you buy something that doesn't look good!
I had a wonderful experience with Lucia today. I felt comfortable and at ease. I had a fun time it was like shopping with my bestie. Best of all I came away with a beautiful outfit for my nieces wedding. I will definately be back and would highly recommend Lucia to everyone looking for that bit of a wardrobe upgrade.
Wow! This was a great experience. I now know the styles and colours that flatter my body. Lucia was kind, friendly and professional. Thank you Lucia.
Lucia helped me with all aspects of finding a formal dress - colour, style, accessories, hair, make-up & where to shop!! I feel more confident about making my decision now. Thank you Lucia 😊 You are so easy to talk to and helpful!
Lucia has given my wife knowledge and confidence with personal styling. She would highly recommend Lucia and her service.
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Digital Colour Swatches

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As featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily Weekend Magazine
As featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily Weekend Magazine
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