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5 Stars! All of my expectations were met by Lucia.

What I enjoyed most about my experience with Lucia included her professional manner. She possessed a strong and positive attitude both in store with the retail staff, and in her interactions with me. Her knowledge base of fashion was impressive and this made shopping much easier in choosing styles and colours. The process of shopping with her was effortless for me. To have all the potential garments pre-selected made the process so much easier than shopping alone. Her focus is very much on the needs of her client and on their chosen brief. In meeting this, she focussed strongly on my body’s strengths and she accentuated these in the garments she chose. Mostly I enjoyed her company. Her personal styling comes from a place of wanting the client to feel good about herself and to celebrate all that they are by feeling strong and positive in their styling and fashion. The entire process was nothing but a very successful pleasure.

My personal styling session was the most fun and seamless shopping experience I have ever had.

Lucia nailed the brief within the first 30 minutes, which left me time to try on a few other items to be sure I had selected the right ones. She had clearly done her homework beforehand which made the experience very painless for me (a big plus). She had been to many stores before our session and placed select items on hold for me, ready to try on. She also managed to get me a discount which saved me dollars at the checkout.

What a change to shop with someone who cares! Lucia was efficient, professional and organized but also made the shopping experience a whole lot of fun.

I felt like a VIP.

She was also not afraid to tell me if something did not work on my shape and I was grateful for her honesty.

I am so happy I found her. I am already looking forward to my next style session with Lucia.

Lucia is amazing!

Lucia is so passionate and she has such a big heart. Her clients will feel this and love her.

My confidence in my body shape is renewed.

Lucia’s Personal Styling has benefited me in a number of ways that I did not anticipate. I have a renewed confidence in finding clothes that fit me well and that I feel great in. This is because Lucia has shown me the best styles and colours for my body and skin. Now I know the best shops to visit to suit my budget, style and shape. I have had the strengths in my physical shape revealed to me by Lucia and can now dress to highlight these. Lucia has also helped me to discover a number of new shops I have never visited before and I will be frequenting them due to Lucia’s Personal Styling.

I’m a professional, time poor woman who had never used a personal stylist before

A friend recommended Lucia’s Personal Styling and I decided to give her service a go. I am a professional woman and I like to look good however I am time poor and can get frustrated and overwhelmed when shopping for clothes.

I could not have been happier with Lucia and her service.

Lucia’s Personal Styling is all about unfolding your inner beauty to outwardly shine. So, whatever your personal styling needs are, I am at your service.

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