Handy hints to cleanse your wardrobe

Posted by LPSAdmin at 7:26 PM on Oct 31, 2019


Your wardrobe needs to reflect you, your lifestyle and your personal style.  A cluttered wardrobe does not serve you well and we all know what those busy mornings can be like!  So, here are my TOP TEN TIPS to reduce clothing congestion. With one month left to ‘spring clean’ your wardrobes, now is the time to ‘get to it’ and embrace the Summer season and all of the Christmas festivities that will soon be upon us!

  1. Cleanse your wardrobe twice a year in Autumn and Spring.  September through to November is a perfect time to discard, recycle or upcycle items of clothing in your wardrobe.
  1. Create a wardrobe system that works best for you. For example, I like to arrange my clothing into similar items like sleeveless tops, blouses, skirts, jeans etc.  I also colour code these items from lightest to darkest. 

A well organised and uncluttered wardrobe will serve you well.

3. Protect your clothes by hanging them properly. Invest in some good quality but inexpensive wooden coat hangers.

Inexpensive wooden hangers can be purchased from stores like Kmart or your local grocery store such as Woolworths and Coles.

4. Get creative with storing and displaying your shoes and accessories – Bunnings, K-Mart, TK Maxx and Howard Storage World are just some of the places you can locate storage boxes for shoes and display racks/trees for jewellery. 

Tip: colourful open baskets are a great way to store accessories like scarves or chunky costume jewellery.

5. Winter coats can be hung in your wardrobe in canvas garment dress bags. Avoid plastic bags as clothes can ‘sweat’ causing moisture to create unwanted mouldy messes.

Tip: always make sure you remove the plastic from your dry-cleaned clothes before hanging in your wardrobe.

6. If you are worried about insect damage, you can use cedar balls or blocks as a chemical free alternative and they also help with mildew. 

7. Scarves and belts can be stored in cupboard drawers. As well, it is best to neatly fold and preserve your knits, jumpers and undergarments like camisoles in drawers.  I like to line the bottom of my drawers with tissue paper or scented drawer liner paper.

Tip: roll your belts and store in a drawer.

8. Sports gear and gardening clothes don’t have to be hung in your wardrobe as drawers will work for these items as well.

9. Take really good care of your clothes by following the washing instructions on the label.  You have invested in them, so make them last.

10. Think about purchasing a garment steamer. They can get rid of creases in clothing more quickly than ironing, particularly beneficial when you are time poor and your delicate viscose shirt needs a quick freshen up before work.

Steamers are a great alternative to getting rid of those clothing creases.