Wardrobe consultations, personal shopping and personal colour analysis on the Sunshine Coast

Lucia's Personal Styling offers a range of services. Please scroll through the list below to find the package that best suits your needs.


Wardrobe Consultation Package (Face-to-face or Virtual)

If you need help uncluttering your wardrobe, and organising your clothes so that you feel less stressed and overwhelmed with what to wear, then this package is for you.  Learn how to rearrange your clothing into a system that is easy to use and suitable for your lifestyle. Create new outfits using the clothes you already have that flatter your shape and complexion, and save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases. Find out what pieces you really need to invest in, including shoes and accessories, if required. Feel in control, and excited about a wardrobe that works for your personal style!


• Audit your current wardrobe to suit personal style, body shape and complexion.

• Body shape and colour analysis.

• Unclutter and ‘cleanse’ your current wardrobe.

• Utilise existing garments by mixing & matching to develop new outfits that you will love.

• Organise a workable clothing system: colour block and separate clothes into items and/or lifestyle/seasons.

• Shoe and accessory overhaul, including storage solutions.

• Develop a basic capsule wardrobe.

• Identify clothing and accessory items that are missing from your wardrobe to provide a guide for adding to your collection in the future.

• Styling tips specifically for you.

• You will also receive a detailed style plan which is specifically customised for you.

Packages start from two hours


Customised Shopping Package

Do you find that shopping for clothes can be an overwhelming or even disheartening experience? Are you unsure about what styles, cuts and colours of clothing suit you, or is it simply that you can never find anything that fits? Have you been uncertain about your purchases when you get home only to return them, or leave them hanging in the wardrobe, never to be worn? Are you returning to the workforce and need new work clothes, but are not sure where to shop? Has your body shape changed and you need help finding clothes that will fit comfortably and flatter you? There are so many reasons why a customised shopping package is such a valuable service. You will save time and money and enjoy feeling nurtured whilst fulfilling your personal shopping needs.


• Pre-shop and research done by Lucia (prior to our scheduled 2-hour shop) using information from your questionnaire in preparation to customise and maximise your shopping experience.

• Integrated face to face consultation.

• Body shape and colour analysis.

• Shop for new wardrobe garments, accessories and/or shoes in line with your budget to reflect your personal style, shape, complexion and lifestyle needs.

• Styling tips specifically for you, including introduction to alternative shops and brands.

Packages start from two hours


Combined Wardrobe and Customised Shopping Package

If you want a complete overhaul of your wardrobe and/or personal style, this is the ultimate package for you. The benefits of a wardrobe consultation followed by a customised shop will provide you with a polished, working wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and personal needs.


• All the features of a 2-hour wardrobe consultation followed by a customised 2-hour shop. These will be booked on separate days.

Packages start from 4 hours


One Outfit Express Shop

Are you time poor and need an outfit for any upcoming wedding, anniversary/birthday celebration, or other special event in a hurry? Are you the star of the show and really want to make a statement? Do you want to buy an outfit that you can wear again?


• One special event outfit, including accessories.

• Pre-shop and research done by Lucia  using information from your questionnaire in preparation to customise and maximise your shopping experience.

• Body shape and colour analysis included.

• Styling tips.

This is a 1 - 1.5 hour package


Personal Colour Analysis (Face-to-face or Virtual)

Colour plays a vital role in our lives and how we respond to our surroundings, each other and ourselves. Its impact is immediate, powerful and transformative.  A colour analysis is a great investment in you and your wardrobe; if you look and feel great, others will respond to you in a much more positive manner. And you will feel more positive too.

Did you know that your personal colour changes as you age?  That is why it is recommended to have your colours visually assessed at least once every ten years.  Lucia is a certified colour consultant in Directional Colour Analysis, which is the most advanced colour system; it is a comprehensive method consisting of 12 Directions that incorporate colour temperature, value and intensity. In this consultation you will discover your unique colour palette and how to use colour to its full potential. 

Specifically, you will learn to:

• Recognise your ‘best’ colours that enhance your appearance so you look more vibrant, healthy and youthful.

• Learn how colour and style can be strategically used to elevate your professional image and/or personal brand.

• Wear colours that are congruent with your personality, physical shape and lifestyle.

• Understand the best colour range for your clothes, hair and makeup, including accessories and eyewear.

• Shop with more confidence because you know which colour values and contrasts, patterns, prints and fabrics will work best for you.

• Appreciate the psychological influence of colour when selecting an outfit for a job interview, speaking engagement, client meeting, a special event, wedding, or celebration – whatever your specific requirements may be.

With your colour consultation, you will receive a personalised swatch with 50 matte laminated colours that come in a handy purse sized bag, as well as a take home booklet on your colours that will explain how to wear them to best effect.

This is a 1.5 - 2 hr service


Small Group Colour Analysis

Pair Sessions are available for women who wish to come along in a fun and intimate setting to discover each other’s colour differences and best attributes. This is a perfect opportunity for girlfriends, mother and daughter, bride and mother of the bride.

This is a 2 - 3 hr service


Style Consultation Package (Face-to-face or Virtual)

What is your visual story?  Do you want to create an image that presents the very best version of you, is congruent with your authentic self and makes a positive impact?  This consultation is suitable for anyone who wishes to become more confident in creating their own personal style and making a statement that is in harmony with their personality, lifestyle and individual requirements.

It includes a body shape analysis, colour analysis and a summary of styles and cuts that will flatter you. Suggestions will be made regarding outfit ideas to suit your needs whether it's creating a strategic plan to ensure you are conveying a polished and professional image at work, or a branding photographic shoot.  Perhaps you need to 'start over' and refresh your image, partcularly if there has been a significant change or challenge in your life.  Let's explore your personal style.  Find out where to shop, including online.  Recommendations can be made regarding your accessories, including shoes, eyewear, hair and makeup. You will also receive a detailed style plan which is specifically customised for you.

This package will suit a diverse range of women including those listed below:

• re-entering the corporate or professional industry after time being at home.

• require the perfect outfit for a job interview.

• start up business entrepreneur.

• in a leadership position, or vying for a promotion, and require an image update.

• mothers and daughters who require assistance with high school formal wear.

• brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride/groom.

• require cocktail/black tie wear for an upcoming event.

• expierienced health challenges including weight loss or gain and need to reassess their body shape.

This package is one hour and can be combined with any other service.


Photo Shoot Styling and Group Workshops

Available on request. Please phone or email to discuss.



Gift Vouchers Available

For those of you who would like to treat someone who is in need of self-care, guidance and support. Please phone or email to organise this voucher.



Please note that for each package price listed above, $50 is charged for every additional half hour, or part thereof.

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