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Shopping with a difference, locally

Visiting a large shopping centre can be a convenient ‘one-stop’ shopping adventure.  However, sometimes, it feels as if you are going into battle when you brave the car park and crowds.  They can be busy places, and for some people, a stressful and overwhelming experience.  Difficulty locating a park, let alone, good helpful customer service to support you when making purchases, are just some of the pitfalls.  And while big clothing department stores offer a variety of labels, who wants to walk away wearing the same cookie-cutter outfit as everyone else?  “Not me”, I hear you say.  Well, shopping at your local clothing boutiques can guarantee that exclusivity you’ve been looking for.

‘Gingers Boutique’, ‘Sedgwick’s Boutique’, ‘Soul Diva’, and ‘Yellow Oak Clothing and Homewares’ are just some of the lovely local clothing stores situated in the main street of Buderim Village.  These boutiques offer beautiful Australian and European labels that you won’t readily find in any department store.  The savvy owners of these fashion stores will often only buy one style of clothing in each size, further guaranteeing the uniqueness of the garment you purchase.  So, this means you won’t see double at your girlfriend’s weekend barbeque. Bonus!

Furthermore, the customer service at these boutiques is excellent; it’s lovely to receive a warm welcome, a friendly smile and informative, honest feedback about the fit, style or fabric of an item of clothing. Often you will be known by name, and if you are a regular customer then this may attract special VIP discounts.  It’s this personal attention that makes shopping so much more enjoyable.

There is a real sense of goodwill and support in local communities that needs to be valued and cherished.  Supporting local businesses helps to sustain local jobs and the local economy, but it also promotes an important social connection and a vibrant hub close to home.  It goes without saying that the convenience of shopping locally saves time when we live in such a time poor world.  Accessible car parking and less crowds adds to a seamless shopping experience.

So, next time you need to shop for a special event, or some casual wear, have a look closer to home and visit your local clothing boutiques.  Enjoy a great coffee with lunch, locally of course, and make a morning of it!  And if you engage a personal stylist who is in the know with what’s on offer in these stores, then utilise their services and this too will help you save time and money.  Contact Lucia’s Personal Styling for exclusive offers which are currently available.


Shopping with a difference, locally

Explore the various clothing boutiques in Buderim Village

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