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Why I Got Rid Of My $500 Leather Jacket.

Why I got rid of my $500 leather jacket

There’s something really therapeutic about cleaning out a cupboard, especially when it comes to your wardrobe.  It helps you to feel organised and reinvigorated. You can mix and match your garments more easily because you can see everything. This will…

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Lucia's Personal Styling - Petite Power

Petite Power

We all have unique body shapes, features and proportions.  Great style is about confidence.  A more positive self-image can be achieved when you discover how to create looks that are balanced, harmonious and authentically you. I haven’t met one woman…

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Why ‘Signature Colours’ Matter

Why ‘Signature Colours’ matter

Human beings are naturally drawn to the vivid colours seen in sunsets and rainbows, tropical fish, birds, flowers, deep blue oceans and forest green hills; we enjoy the emotional response we feel when we look at such eye-catching colours in…

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